Fastest bathroom in Sweden!

10 days work - 10 years warranty!

Standard for the future!

All will be ready in 10 days!

With the LINEROOM method, we have identified the perfect way to carry out pipe-, and sewer-system replacement including bathroom renovation

.... with economy for the property owner as a part of the work.

  • Tenants in focus

    Today, renovation is planned to suit the craftsmen. We do the opposite!
    We focus on the tenants and try to adjust to there lives and do the renovation as easy as possible for them.

  • Total Economy

    With total economy, we mean the total cost for the property owner. Not just the price per bathroom in a contract but also costs for rent reduction, evacuation, moisture damage, asbestos remediation, establishments, tenant management, consulting costs, etc.

  • Multi-skilled craftsmen

    We only use our own staff in our contracts.
    Our multi-skilled craftsmen are our quality assurance in the workplace.
    No one else is allowed to build our bathrooms. An obvious certainty for all.


    The technique is based on long-term experience. We have developed the technology in aired construction for more than 10 years. High degree of prefabrication along with smart logistics are an important part of what we call the LINEROOM method!

Quality, Environment & Work Environment

LINEROOM AB conducts continuous and active environmental work. It is an obvious matter for us that we are constantly and systematically working to reduce our impact on environment and always take into consideration the environmental aspects of our activities. It is our conviction that this leads to an attractive company for employees, customers and providers. We have an obligation to our children to take our responsibility. Therefore, our environmental work must be characterized by long-term sustainability. We take our responsibility by using our method: LINEROOM Bathroom method. The method is a direct consequence of work environment, quality work and environmental work.